Town Hall Office Interior


Offices were once drab and dreary places. But – following the example of Google, Amazon and Facebook – today’s businesses are hungry to make their office
and reception area into a beautiful and energising space. Custom commercial upholstery is one way that businesses can achieve this vision.

Commercial upholstery – including banquette seating, quiet rooms or upholstered wall panels – is not just the domain of big business. It
can be used by small and local offices too. One great example is a project we completed for a Sydney FinTech startup. This company was moving to a
new, fully fitted office suite at 580 George Street in the Sydney CBD.

Silicon Valley chic in the Sydney CBD

Our upholstery fit-out was carried out in conjunction with Intermain Design, under the direction of a local architect. The interior design incorporated
many aspects of ‘startup chic’ such as exposed ducting, high ceilings and light-filled open-plan workspaces.

Office breakout area with window seating and banquette seat

Commercial window seating

A big part of this project was creating and upholstering built-in window seats. Window seats are challenging because they have to be cut to fit around
the window. The window may be out of square or even out of position, and there is no tolerance for error.

The colours used in the window seat upholstery were intended to complement Sydney’s colonial sandstone buildings. The iconic Queen Victoria Building and
Sydney Town Hall can seen through the office windows.

Commercial window seat with integrated banquette

Banquette office seating

Banquette seating was used to create inviting spaces where staff can gather for meetings and sit-downs. We manufactured multiple custom-size, custom
shape banquette seats that are woven between cubicles.

Curved banquette seat with fluting detail

As ever, small details reveal the skill of our craftsmanship on this project. For example, this design called for a decorative vertical stitch pattern
(called ‘fluting’) that runs through the back of the banquette seats. This design idea is intended carry through the vertical lines and vertical textures
used in other parts of the office.

These perfectly parallel flutes are not part of the fabric, they were marked and machined by our sewers. The finished look is a credit to their skill.

Angular banquette seat with coordinate fabrics

You’ll also note that many of the banquette seat cushions had to be manufactured with serpentine curves and unusual angles. These curves and angles are
very difficult to make on a production line, and require bespoke upholstery skills.

Commercial upholstery for modern office interiors

If you would like to add custom commercial upholstery in your office,
we can help deliver your vision: always on time, and on budget. We routinely work with interior designers and architects, shop-fitters and small business

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