Thai Restaurant Gets Best of Booth Worlds

Thai Restaurant Gets Best of Booth Worlds


If you’re in the hospitality industry you should already know that custom booth seating can help deliver an exceptional customer experience. Quality seating
is essential in any restaurant. Regardless of food quality and atmosphere, a meal will not tantalise the taste buds if your customers are uncomfortable!

When Village Thai decided to open a new Thai restaurant in Gregory Hills,
a short drive from Sydney, Upholstery Solutions was called upon to contribute to the seating design and upholstery.

Why have booth seating in a restaurant?

It is common for restaurants to offer booth seating as opposed to tables and chairs because booths offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. With this
in mind, Village Thai had booths installed around the perimeter of the restaurant: inviting diners while also leaving the flexibility of an open space
in the middle.

Booth seating around the perimeter of the restaurant is a clever way to use space
Each piece of the booth seat was crafted by hand, ensuring perfect fit and finish

Custom made booth seating

The booths themselves, while stylish, also have a practical design. In this design, the seat and back are seperate pieces which is important for maintenance
and cleaning. The gap between seat and back means no food spills get trapped in the joins and with vinyl being the chosen fabric, cleaning is easy.

Separately mounted booth seats and backs prevent food getting trapped in hard-to-reach corners
This stylish vinyl is durable and easy care
Colours in Thailand are of great significance. Since red represents the blood of life for the land and its people, it was deemed appropriate for the same
colour to be used on the seating.

It was a great experience for our team to contribute to the ambience and style now offered at Village Thai.

If you’d like to renovate your restaurant, hotel or cafe with stylish upholstered booth seating, our commercial fitting team is only too happy to help.
Contact us for a complementary estimate.