Get A New Interior Style For 2019

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The New Year is here! The festivities are over and now you have time to focus on the things that needed attention well before the festive season began. If your old furniture is one of them, it might be time to consider a new look.


The interior design conundrum

You might have an idea in broad terms as to what’s needed, but maybe you also need some interior inspiration. A visit to our online Fabric Library is guaranteed to spark your creative juices and help you find the answer. Alternatively, you can make an appointment and discuss your options with one of our interior design consultants. Book a Creative Session at your home (we service all regions of Sydney), or visit our Picton show room.


Have faith in your furniture

Perhaps your furniture has suffered the common perils that are associated with festive season get-togethers. Stains from food and alcohol are often permanent but that shouldn’t mean a trip to the tip or a roadside collection. Memories often surround a cherished furniture piece that we cannot bear to throw away.


Rest assured, the old arm chair can be rejuvenated. The stained velvet lounge can be reupholstered. Our artisan-grade upholstery services ensure that your much-loved furniture can be better than new. If you want to prolong the life of your modern or vintage furniture, Upholstery Solutions have the answers.



Trust the upholstery process

Professional reupholstery is a straightforward process. Let your creativity come alive through the many colours and fabrics that we stock. Our consultants make it rewarding and fun.

1. Tell us about your project

2. Select your desired fabrics and finishes

3. Arrange a time for pickup (and delivery)

4. Enjoy your rejuvenated funiture


The answer: Professional reupholstery in Sydney

A fabulous new look is closer than you think. Find your new look online, using our Fabric Library or come in and sit down with a consultant. The choice is yours! But either way you will have access to the latest upholstery colours and styles: Australian and imported, fabric and leather, naturals and synthetics. With such a wide range of material on offer you are certain to find the look you desire.

Our skilled team of Sydney craftsmen can restore and recover any furniture, old or new. Enjoy the benefits of upholstery such as improved comfort, personalisation of both colour and fabric and peace of mind in the structural integrity of the frame. But most importantly, enjoy the pleasure of being able to keep the furniture you love and memories associated with it.

So take the next step! Enquire online and get a fabulous new look in 2019.



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