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Acoustic and Decorative Upholstered Panels

Sleek. Modern. Luxurious. Interior wall panels combine the precise lines of crafted furniture with the rich weight of antique hangings. From bedrooms to boardrooms, upholstered wall paneling can be used to create exciting architectural features in all kinds of spaces. Panels can also be developed to meet acoustic NRC ratings: creating 'quiet' areas in homes and offices.

Our interior wall panels are unusual, because our craftsmen take unusual care. First, the panels are machined from a single MDF board. This creates a durable, lightweight sub-structure. The panels are then wrapped in a thickness of padding, which can be rated for sound reduction, and expertly upholstered in fabric or leather. Finally, panels are installed with an ingenious split-batten system. Split battens allow individual panels to be removed quickly and easily for repair and refurbishment.

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